Pitch Counts

UpdatedFriday February 28, 2020 byBrandi Cole.

Refer to KN Bylaws Rules of Competition R.1.12 for Pitch Count Table

Regardless of age or division, pitchers are held to the following limitations as set forth by Rule 0.06 section 8 of current Babe Ruth Baseball Cal Ripken Jr. Division Rules and Regulations. Games where an illegible pitcher has been used (pitched a ball to a batter) will be declared forfeited. Starting pitchers may return to the mound as long as the limitations have not been exceeded. Called games prior to becoming regulation (i.e. rain out) do not count against limitations.

The Cal Ripken Jr. pitch count sheet shall be utilized as a pitching record for all KN games (reference pitch count table below).  The home team will keep the official pitch count record for the game; both team Managers must sign the pitch count sheet at the conclusion of the game.  The winning team Manager must deliver the signed pitch count sheet to the “pitch count sheet inbox” located at the KN clubhouse within one hour of the conclusion of the game.  Pitch count sheets will be collected by the respective Division Representative and maintained as records with the Division Representatives until the conclusion of the season.



Pitch Count Sheet 2020.pdf