2021 Welcome Letter

UpdatedThursday February 4, 2021 byAndy Mengelos.

Dear Kennewick National Youth Baseball family and loyal sponsors,

I would like to welcome you all to the 2021 baseball season at KNYB! I am privileged to welcome back our returning ballplayers, their families, and very excited to meet all of our new members! We can't wait to get back to the game we love! 

As always we are committed to providing a fun, safe, and positive learning environment for all of our league members. Our philosophy at KNYB has remained the same. We will continue to focus on a high level of baseball instruction while providing a healthy learning environment. We hope to teach critical life lessons to our future community leaders.

We would love for you to  join us as we all enjoy the wonderful game of baseball, being played by all of our favorite ball players! We encourage volunteers to help whenever they can, as we all strive to provide a great experience for the youth of our community which depends heavily on volunteers!

Last year was a difficult one not only for our community, but for the league as well. Throughout 2020 we all worked toward creating a sense of normalcy for our own families and our baseball league family. In the league's history we have never had to postpone an entire season until last year. We are still desperately trying to recover economically, as well as mentally, from the extreme toll the world wide pandemic took on each one of us. 

We had many improvement projects done at the facilities during our down time. Removal of trees along 4th Avenue will continue to save the league money annually, as well as provide a safe environment for our children, void of falling tree branches. Our bathroom remodel project was completed and fine tuned with the help of many local donors, and will surely be appreciated by our members for many years to come! We also added an additional enclosed batting cage. Soil is being continually added to our playing surfaces as well. All 3 fields were given new surface material containing high levels of clay, and Field #2 has recently been converted to accommodate 70 foot base paths in order to give us the ability to host tournaments at the Major 70 level.  Dugouts, batting helmet shelving, dugout benches, and newly donated garbage bins all received a fresh coat of paint as well. We will continue to improve our facilities, and always strive to create the best possible experience for our league members.  We are currently developing plans to open registration while following local health guidelines during this continued health crisis. We will update members via email and Facebook.

KNYB had many experienced board members step away this last October as their ballplayers will be turning 13. I would like to personally thank Jared Moran, Adam Gemmel, Kacey Giger, Gigi Ness, Angie Gilmour, Lisa and Ernie Vega, Brandi and Duke Cole, Gerry McLendon, and Beth Whitton. You were all an important part of the success of KNYB. Thank you on behalf of everyone for your time, effort, and love of Kennewick National Youth Baseball.

Go KN and let's PLAY BALL!!!     

Thank you,

Andy Mengelos


Kennewick National Youth Baseball